Sunday, April 17

Week 15, Apr 19-21

Read (online)... 
Quiz 4 given in class (open book/open notes)*
Critique Assignment #7 Poster 
Work on Assignment A#8 (revamping the newsletter)
          Thursday (Last Day of Class): 
                  Due--Newsletter revamped as Magazine spread (A#8) 

                  Final Project A#9 Thumbnails & copy (draft text) due

                  Students will work on final project in class and receive feedback. 

                 Also use the Last Day to turn in any assignments for re-evaluation.

                 (Final Project is due via email as PDF by course exam date.)

Please remember to fill out the online evaluation for this course.
What's Covered in Quiz 4:

Chapter 10: Layout 
Chapter 13: Repetition & Rhythm
Chapter 17: Emphasis 
Chapter 18: Typography 


Assigned pages from the Adobe InDesign Manual:
   guide lines 

Repetition & Consistency /all of first 3 articles—

Mod3 training at AdobeTV

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