Gallery 2 Compositing

Image Projects (Advanced Photoshop)
Skills-progress with Photoshop continues while students learn more about the Adobe platform, Creative Suite, and electronic design concepts. Projects involve the creation of composite images using Photoshop layers and more advanced Photoshop skills (such as masking). These projects focus on effective visual messaging, meaning and metaphor, and artistic interpretation.


Ashley Testa

Phil Neves

Joselyn Ojeda

Vanessa Street-Mason
Kristen Soller
Dino Ghilotti

Briana Bednarski

Adrianna F.

Susan Baxter

Becca Montenegro

Renata Baptista

Tiffany Lighty, Cat Got Your Tongue?

Leslie Lopez

Lauren Hahamovitch
Raghad Jafee, Tree of Knowledge

Ana Calderone, "Whining & Dining"

John Farrey, Fiddling While Rome Burns

Amilynn Soto

Kirsten Myers, Fork in the Road

Khadija Andrews
Ajiah Daley

Trevor Rennor
Alicia Casella,  A Leopard Changing Spots
Ana Calderone
Diana Soudy
Eli Blanco

Kristen Soller

Kelly Smith

Yi Zhaotianren

Josh Manley

Laura Sarmiento

Cesar Barroso

Renata Baptista

Monica Socorro, Diminished Water Supply (above) and Self-Portrait (below)

Krysta Lyons

Adam Pinter

Using a Gradient Mesh

Using Live Paint & Fixing Gaps

Illustrator Type Tools

Manipulating Individual Letters in Illustrator

Use the Width Tool to Shape Letters

Warping Text in Illustrator

Unique Type Treatment

The Illustrator Curvature Tool

Terry White's Top Ai Tips

Smoothing with the Pen Tool as You Draw

Using Live Corners

Using the Curvature Tool

Layer Masking Explained

Advanced Masking

Photo Composite Basics

Using Alpha Channels

Using a Clipping Mask

Blending Modes Explained

Creating Realistic Shadows

Adding a Light Source

Changing Light Sources

Masking Hair in Photoshop

Secrets of HDR

Using Color Replacement to Select & Change Colors

A variety of demos of the color replacement tool

Fun with Color Themes

Playing with Complementary Colors

Spot Color

Painting with Color for a Warhol Effect

Match and Replace Colors

Achieving Cinematic Colors in Photoshop with Alpha Channels

Photo Sharpening Tips

Jonathon Klein: World Changing Photos

Or community based creativity?

Photo Artist Eugenio Recuenco

This is photography, not animation!