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Illustrator has a high learning curve. It may take a while for it to feel intuitive to you, and you must be patient. We will spend time in class together learning the basics, but then some of you will find you advance faster than others. This is the point at which the video tutorials listed here become very important! The Illustrator video tutorials (Skill Set 3:  “Illustrator CS6: Essential Training”) at (from are listed here below and in the Training tab. These videos provide skills to help you complete Assignments 5-7. You may also find useful these other tutorial sources useful...
. Adobe Illustrator Training.                       . 
The Illustrator tutorials below will provide skills to help you complete the Illustrator assignments (Assignments 4-6). Questions from these will be included in Quiz #3. 

ART 109 Skill Set 3-4
Learning Illustrator 

FIRST! sign on to through the UMiami Libraries at

The 2 sets of videos for this module are culled from "Introducing Illustrator" with Deke McClellan and "Illustrator Essential Training" with Justin Seeley, available at

While not required viewing for this course, you will find that Deke McClelland's videos on "Pen Tool Fundamentals" and his series "Illustrator One-on-One Fundamentals" are the best training options out there for illustrators who intend to work in illustrative detail with Adobe Illustrator.

Skill Set 3: Introducing Illustrator


     Welcome    (1 min.)


                  1. Document and Setup 

28m 2s

                           Creating a new document 

7m 28s

                           Adding and modifying artboards

 6m 36s

                           Aligning artwork to artboards

 6m 54s

                           Getting around your illustration 

7m 4s

                  2. Drawing Fundamentals

 27m 27s

                           Creating custom guides

 7m 25s

                           Drawing basic shapes

 7m 37s

                           Using the Paintbrush tool

 6m 31s

                           Painting with the Blob Brush and Eraser

 5m 54s

                  3. Text and Formatting 

19m 27s

                           Creating and formatting text

 7m 29s

                           Working with point type

 6m 21s

                           Creating type on a path

 3m 14s

                  4. Fills and Strokes 

28m 54s

                           Fill, stroke, and Appearance

 7m 41s

                           Applying linear and radial gradients

 8m 24s

                           Dashes, dots, and arrows

 7m 5s

                           Applying variable-width strokes

 5m 44s

                  5. Edit and Organize

 39m 33s

                           Combining and splitting paths 

7m 46s

                           Flip, Join, and Offset 

6m 29s

                           Select, Group, and Isolate 

9m 39s

                           Scaling and rotating

 8m 10s

                           Organizing artwork with layers 

7m 29s

    6. Drawing Free-Form Outlines

38m 7s

                           Reshaping path outlines

 8m 4s

                           Adjusting control handles 

8m 30s

                           Dragging curved segments 

2m 52s

                           Using the Pen tool 

9m 0s

                           Drawing a custom path outline 

9m 41s

                  7. Dynamic Effects

 50m 55s

                           Applying drop shadows

 6m 58s

                           Using the Transform effect

 7m 25s

                           Transforming fills and strokes 

7m 27s

                           Automatically tracing scanned art 

11m 11s

                           Creating a seamlessly repeating pattern 

9m 57s

                           Using Live Paint 

7m 57s



                           Next steps 



Skill Set 4: Illustrator Essentials

From Illustrator CC Essential Training with Justin Seeley       

For the second Illustrator Skill Set note that not every video in every chapter is required viewing. Also note that the videos are not assigned in sequential order. (After watching, Chapter 1, jump to Chapter 11, then follow the order assigned below for the remainder of videos.)

         1. Getting Started 

                  Exploring the Illustrator's Tools panel 

3m 38s

                  Setting up your Illustrator preferences 

11m 35s

     11. Working with the Pen Tool 

29m 30s

                  Pen tool basics 

4m 54s

                  Drawing curves with the Pen tool 

5m 27s

                  Drawing complete shapes with the Pen tool 

3m 42s

                  Enabling and disabling the rubberband preview 

2m 23s

                  Avoiding the "whips" with the Pen tool 

3m 59s

                  Tracing exercise 

9m 5s

         5. Drawing Basic Shapes

 42m 48s

                  Understanding vector paths 

3m 18s

                  Drawing basic lines and curves 

4m 38s

                  Drawing spirals 

2m 53s

                  Drawing rectangles and ellipses 

7m 1s

                  Using the Pencil tool for freehand drawing 

8m 0s

                  Modifying existing shapes and paths 

3m 35s

                  Exploring Illustrator's drawing modes 

5m 33s

         6. Transforming Objects

 37m 15s

                  Using the Direct Selection tool 

5m 41s

                  Grouping objects together 

3m 20s

                  Using isolation mode to edit grouped artwork 

3m 53s

                  Moving and duplicating objects 

3m 17s

                  Scaling objects 

3m 10s

                  Rotating objects 

4m 31s

                  Distorting and transforming objects 

3m 42s

                  Reflecting objects 

5m 2s

    10. Creating Complex Shapes

 21m 25s

                  Creating compound paths and shapes 

2m 17s

                  Using the Illustrator Brush tools 

6m 42s

                  Using the Eraser tool 

2m 42s

                  Creating artwork with the Shape Builder tool 

5m 32s

         12. Working with Type 

27m 39s

                  Creating point and area type objects 

3m 40s

                  Making basic edits with the Control panel 

3m 19s

                  Exploring the type panels 

5m 21s

                  Learning essential type shortcuts 

2m 11s

                  Converting text into paths 

1m 46s

          2. Navigating Your Documents 

33m 4s

                  Navigating multiple documents 

2m 59s

                  Working with Illustrator's panels 

6m 24s

                  Building and saving your own workspace 

2m 59s

                  Understanding screen modes 

2m 37s

                  Creating and using custom views 

3m 40s

                  Creating and using custom guides 

4m 34s

         3. Working with Artboards

 19m 22s

                  Creating multi-artboard documents 

2m 21s

                  Adding artboards on the fly 

4m 40s

                  Manipulating artboards with the Artboard tool 

3m 12s

                  Exporting your artboards as files 

2m 50s

         4. Working with Layers 

26m 18s

                  Exploring the Layers panel 

4m 17s

                  Creating and editing layers 

5m 24s

                  Targeting objects inside the Layers panel 

2m 9s

                  Working with sublayers 

4m 50s

                  Tips for organizing your artwork using layers 

4m 13s

         8. Working with Color 

22m 11s

                  Understanding CMYK vs. RGB color 

1m 57s

                  Adjusting Illustrator's color settings 

4m 57s

                  Understanding process vs. global swatches 

5m 15s

                  Creating and using spot colors 

2m 27s

                  Working with color groups 

3m 9s

                  Importing Adobe Color themes 

3m 17s

         9. Using the Appearance Panel 

14m 59s

                  Exploring the Appearance panel 

2m 31s

                  Attribute stacking order explained 

2m 2s

                  Applying multiple fills and strokes 

2m 54s

                  Working with live effects 

4m 55s

         13. Using Raster Graphics in Illustrator

 21m 9s

                  Placing linked images into Illustrator 

2m 20s

                  Working with the Links panel 

4m 43s

                  Embedding images into your Illustrator documents 

2m 48s

                  Using clipping masks 

2m 14s

                  Using the Image Trace panel 

6m 43s

                  Converting pixels into paths 

2m 21s

         14. Printing and Exporting Artwork

19m 26s

                  Printing your artwork 

3m 52s

                  Saving files for print using PDF 

1m 51s

                  Packaging files for print production 

2m 16s

                  Saving files for the web 

4m 8s

                  Placing linked Illustrator files into Photoshop 

3m 18s

                  Placing linked Illustrator files into InDesign 

2m 25s

IF YOU would like to learn more advanced techniques, I'd also suggest Illustrator "One on One Fundamentals" at Or,  Learn the Old Fashioned Way: 

  • Illustrator "Classroom in a Book" at Google Books. While it's hard to find full "manuals" for learning adobe illustrator with Adobe CC you will find training for versions CS5 & 6 free online at Google Books. 

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