Gallery 3 Illustration


Module 2 takes the student into the Adobe Illustrator software to begin learning vector format imagery. Each student is responsible for creating a variety of logos, creative typographic pieces, and illustrations (from simple to complex).

Kristina Leon, self-portrait

Adrianna, self-portrait

V. Reyes

Kassandra Acosta

Sandro Rastelli

Lu Jiang, self-portrait

Madeleine Trtan, self-portrait

Sydney Otieno

Asif Khan

Josh Manley

Lu Jiang

Yiming Zhou

Alex Honigstock

Ami Soto

Alex Honigstock

Priyen Patel

Kassandra Acosta

Monica Socorro

India Stanton

Tracy Ehrlich

Daniella Ravvina
Lu Jiang

Daniella Ravvina

Yi Zhaotianren

Binze He

Tracy Ehrlich

Ajah Daley

Sandro Rastelli

Melissa House

Krista Lyons

Alicia Casella

Laura Sarmiento

Adam Pinter

Alicia Casella

Isabella D'anato

Nan Gallagher

Ashley Testa

Laura Sarmiento

Kassandra Acosta

Corey Weissman

Yi Zhaotianren

Sean Ryan

Alex Honigstock

Binze He

Ajah Daley

Alicia Casella

Kristen Myers

Joel Caruso

Monaca Socorro

Rghad Jafeer

Shareen Dookie

Sam Jimenez

Priyen Patel

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